Help me out with some Horror quotes!

Hey guys, need your help here.

I've been putting quotes from different horror films at the top of every podcast episode. At first I was taking them from my DVD collection, but that became time consuming and staring at all my discs made it really hard to make any sort of decision.

So now I've been taking the quotes from Youtube, which is more convenient but I still have the problem of not knowing what to use. So I'm hoping for some suggestions here that could get me thinking outside the box. I prefer the humorous quotes but anything fun always works. Also, really 3-6 seconds is ideal, as anything longer doesn't work with the format.

So if you can find any on Youtube, please post them in the comments and help a brother out. I have full editing capabilities so if it's a small quote in a larger video that's fine, just let us know the timecode of where the good quote is. You can't post the embed code in the comments but you can throw the link in there... then I'll do my best to update them all with the actual videos when I can.

Bored at work today? Help put your own mark on the podcast!

(PS, here's the video I used for this week's show, it's from Frank Henenlotter's "Brain Damage", which by the way is an amazing film if you can track down a copy of the unrated DVD... it's been out of print for a few years now.)

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