Have You Ever Dreamt of This Man?

In the world of strange news, a website was brought to my attention called www.thisman.org. Now, I'm pretty sure no one has actually dreamed of this man before, or if they have it is because his face is fairly generic. It's a creepy website and it has an even creepier youtube video.

All of this aside, I did some research and found out that it is all a marketing hoax as the domain name is registered to Andrea Natella, who is the director of guerrigliamarketing.it, an Italian advertising agency that uses unconventional forms of advertising to enter the market. My only question is why? Is it a demonstration of how things go viral or something creepier?

For some reason my paranoia is kicking in and all I can think of is that moment in "They Live" when Rowdy Roddy Piper puts on the glasses and sees all those words on billboards that were placed there to tap into the collective unconscious.

I'm lucky because I don't dream very much, but if I do see this dude in my dreams, I'm taking him out in the alley and kicking his ass for an unreasonably long 15 minutes.



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