Happy Town 1.2: "I Came to Haplin for the Waters"

This week’s episode of “Happy Town” actually answered one of the larger questions of the show. Turns out local pizza shop owner Dave Duncan killed old man Friddle in an act of vigilante justice. Unfortunately for Dave though it looks like Jerry Friddle had a pretty solid alibi for the kidnappings that happened in Haplin years ago so Big Dave may have just killed an innocent man. Luckily though his best friend is the towns newly appointed Sheriff Tommy Conroy so he might have the law on his side.

Outside of that “Happy Town” tossed out a few new twists and managed to make things pretty interesting. We’re still not clear as to why Tommy’s father went nuts and chopped off his hand and since he’s in a coma it doesn’t look like we’re going to find out anytime soon. But while Griffin slept there we saw all kinds of fun going on at the hospital. Georgia Bravin, the Conroy’s babysitter finds she’s been drugged by a strange new character to the show and wakes up on the floor of the local dirtbag brothers house. Why we don’t know but Conroy goes buck nutty when he finds out and takes out his anger on the three brothers. Both the drugging scene and the fight scene had so many quick cuts I thought I was going the throw up but that’s really my only complaint.

The other big event of the episode was Henley finding her way into the secret room in the attic of the house she’s staying at. What she finds up there is some strange creepy goats head hammer that I’m praying is used to murder virgins. We don’t get any clues though and the only thing we do know is birds hate the thing. The big finish to the episode sees her driving out of town just as a large bird shoots through her window causing her crash into a tree. Birds, nature’s assholes.

So in general this was a pretty solid episode that made me think things might be looking up for “Happy Town”. The hammer gives me hope there might be some serious sick crap going on in the town and Conroy trying to hide the fact that his best friend is a murderer is a pretty interesting storyline that if done right could be really interesting. He’ll have to hide the fact from the new state appointed agent who turns up at the end of the episode to help in the search. The agent also happens to be the same guy who drugged Georgia earlier in the episode so this should be interesting. Twist!


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