Halloween Countdown - 16 Days to go!

Sometimes, you find something just so bizarre, part of you hopes it isn't real - and part of you secretly hopes it is. I came across this trailer yesterday for the movie "Raped By Satan" via the twitter user JonKillerFilm. I'm on some heavy painkillers currently, and I'm not sure if that's what allowed me to watch this at least 5 times, cackling to myself in morbid delight. Or that could have been a RESULT of the painkillers, but I'm not one for details.

Anywho - this is apparently a real film. As in, someone invested money to make this. From air humping rape simulation to the diaper clad demon baby, I think this Indonesian film might have the potential to de-throne Troll 2 as the "Best of the Worst"

Despite the title, it's safe for work. But you probably still don't want anyone to see you watching it.

That Ghoul Eva


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