Hail to the King, baby! Duke Nukem Forever is here!

So many things can attain legendary status without there ever being proof of its existence: The Lock Ness Monster. Bigfoot. Chupacabra. Sarah Palin's intelligence. And Duke Nukem Forever.

The original Duke Nukem was released in 1991 as a simple side scroller, but it wasn't until the 1996 release, that our smart ass, wise cracking, womanizing anti-hero took the world by storm. The unique weapons, aliens, and, ahem, adult subject matter instantly became a classic, and a sequel, Duke Nukem Forever was promised..... in 1997.

Since that time, it's gone through numerous rebuilds, owners and even graphics engines and gained legendary status as vaporware.... the computer world equivalent of a pipe dream.

But if it's been feeling a bit chilly lately, it's because hell has frozen over: 2K games has set the release date in stone, and we can expect to blast mutants, piss on aliens, and humiliate strippers while trying to prevent the end of the word on this coming May 3rd!

At this point, it's quite possible this game can never live up to the hype generated by 13 years of expectations. but if it's half as good as the original, in the words of Duke himself: I'd still hit it.

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