Friday afternoon news roundup

As usual, a few interesting stories have popped up Friday afternoon that warranted mention here. So, feast on them below, and hope you guys have a good weekend. "Iron Man" opens everywhere in theaters today, so prepare to get your geek on!

  • Enterprising "Cloverfield" fans discover new viral site after poking around on the newly released DVD. The site three images. Two appear to be of the parasites under water (although one sort of looks like space to me), and the third is of some sort of document that's a transcript of audio (presumably) from a recovery team sent into the ocean to see what's going down. If "Cloverfield 2" hasn't even been officially announced or WRITTEN yet, how long will this hype machine go on for? What's worse? I'm actually still interested.

  • Poster for Ruggero Deodato's "companion piece" for his film "Cannibal Holocaust" titled "Cannibal". Um... ya. As interested in this project as I am, I'm getting the feeling that they're forgoing the social commentary here and going straight for the sensationalism. I'm expecting to see more on this soon, if this poster is any indication.

  • The first "official" review for "Midnight Meat Train" has surfaced. And although the use of the word "official" is completely superfluous here, BD thinks it's pretty awesome, which is enough to get me at least a little excited.

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