Frenchie Thriller

It's getting close to Halloween and I'm a lazy blogger so, I figured it was high time for some Thriller videos up in this piece.

Here's a lipsync'ed version done by a bunch of community college students in France, that appears to have been shot in a single take. The fun, "can do" attitude conveyed by the piece kinda sorta made my day, so I'm going to go this whole post without saying "Frenchie Frogs"... oh wait, shit.

I've seen this video linked from a few places today but the caption to beat so far is from Videogum, who said: "If you don't crack a smile, you're weird".

Personally, in these divided times we live in, it's nice to know that something can still bring us together. I speak of course of the awesomeness of Michael Jackson's Thriller. I mean sure he's a peepee toucher... but the song has Vince Price in it. VINCENT PRICE! Case closed.

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