Most of us love comic books. Who doesn't love FREE comic books?

Warren Ellis, scribe of many comic classics such as "Transmetropolitan" and "Planetary" joins forces with Avatar Press and artist Paul Duffield to bring us this weekly updated free comic in the post apocalyptic land of future London's Whitechapel district.

Ellis is well known for his in your face writing style and oft counter culture skirting characters, and "Freakangels" is no exception. Not much is known on the origin of the Freakangels, but what we do know is that they are a tribe of pale skinned purple eyed psychics that have helped bring on whatever destruction that previously visited London. Each has their own specialties and variances of power; but they are common in the goal of protecting Whitechapel.

Webcomics are one thing; the natural evolution of the newspaper comic strips, but all in around three panels or less. "Freakangels" brings the standard comic book to free web spectrum and packed with an engrossing story, just what you'd expect from Ellis. Posted in six to eight page episodes, we're now at Episode 17 of the series and most of the Freakangels tribe have been fleshed out. Many hints have been given to the cause of the current status of the world, but nothing definite. It's been just enough though to whet your appetite and keep you coming back week to week just to see what other nuggets are dropped. It's a wonder that a comic book this detailed and well put together is released for free; most of the freebies are either nothing but a tease. "Freakangels" feels like the real deal, an the previous episodes are left for you to read at your leisure.

Warren Ellis has said that Avatar Press plans on putting out a trade paper back at some point combining the web published episodes in one binding, but that the content will remain online for free to anyone who wishes to read it. He also promises that the over all arch will run many hundreds of pages, so the fear of blue balls is lessened as well.

Head over to Freakangels to get your read on. It's free, what excuse do you have? It makes a good time killer at work as well!

For those of you who aren't too familiar with Warren Ellis, be sure to check out his blog and his forums. The dude's pretty nuts and a hell of a writer. Even reading about his day to day life's pretty entertaining in and of itself!


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