Fox says Pirate "Wolverine" and Die!

A few days ago, an apparently "stolen, incomplete, and early version" of the upcoming mutant epic "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" found itself circulating throughout the torrent world. Shockingly, Fox is a bit poo-pooed over the whole thing, and is prepared to unsheathe their legal swords and start swashbuckling with the pirates of the Internet.

Fox executives are describing it to me as one of the worst piracy scandals they can recall, since it involves a major studio and major movie. The studio is understandably in a panic. With the film opening on May 1st, this leak could cause incalculable damage to the box office of the latest in the valuable X-Men franchise. The studio must find out who did this and punish him/her/them to the full extent of the law.

Apparently, this thing is SO BAD that Fox is not only sicking the MIAA on this, they're also channeling the investigative powers of the FBI. I could head off an entirely different rant about mega budget movies and the regulating bodies of the Motion Picture industry but that can be saved for another day. Really, I just want to say that I nearly spit my coffee out when I read the phrase "incalculable damage," because it goes way beyond hyperbole. In the worst case scenario, you might lose a couple thousand or maybe hundred thousand dollars, but in the grand scheme of things, your average action movie film goer doesn't have his/her pulse on the film leak world. Besides, once Time Warner caps everyone's bandwidth, even those who care won't bother downloading movies period, and Fox execs can go back to sipping martinis and high-fiving instead of shaking their fists (and taxpayer legal dollars) at people that care enough about their properties to want to take an advanced peek.

FBI Pursuing Wolverine Leak


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