For Some Reason "Harper's Island" Is Coming To DVD

So I might be one of the fifteen people that actually watched “Harper’s Island” on CBS but nonetheless they have decided to put the entire mini-series out on DVD. Truth be told I only made it through about four weeks and didn’t even realize they had finished off the show until a couple weeks ago when I saw my DVR recording something on a Saturday night.

For those of you not familiar with the show, “Harper’s Island” is a who-done-it style series that revolves around a wedding party that is on a secluded island for one last shindig before the big wedding. One by one each guest is killed off and everyone is a suspect. Originally airing on Thursday nights the show was eventually moved to Saturdays due to bad ratings so that it could die a slow, painful death.

If you’re into a 13 hour slasher flick without much gore than this might be for you, and God have mercy on your soul. “Harper’s Island” comes to DVD on September 8th and will feature every episode along with cast and crew commentary.


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