Five Reasons to Give Netflix for Christmas*!

* Or your holiday of choice, of course

It's that time of year when we open our wallets and our hearts for our loved ones. Now, we have pimped our Netflix affiliation on the podcast innumerable times, but this holiday season, I've compiled five additional reasons (besides "You just should!") to give Netflix via Bloody Good Horror this holiday season.

1. You'll never have to leave your seat
Of course, Netflix isn't the only thing that lazy shoppers can purchase online from the comfort of their own homes, but you can enjoy the gift without moving your squishy ass! You can add movies to your queue for home delivery, or Watch Instantly on your PC, Mac, or XBOX360! Why waste your life on gifts you have to use standing up!

2. It's MUCH Better Than Blockbuster
While Blockbuster changes their mind about late fees and rental plans, Netflix keeps adding more versatile plans and adding features. Plus, you really don't want to pay that late fee you've had since middle school, do you?

3. It's the perfect self-serving gift for a significant other
Convincing your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse that they meant to rent "Cannibal Holocaust" might be tricky, but it's certainly worth a shot.

4. "Leprechaun 5: In the Hood"
Yeah, they have it.

5. You won't have to get Bloody Good Horror anything else for Christmas
Every person that signs up for Netflix through our site contributes to our operating costs, just by signing up! No bullshit, no "sign up for 30 other things," all you have to do is hit our Netflix link and purchase a plan and we get a small kickback. It's the only thing on our list, and we don't ask for much! Plus, if we ever meet you in person, we'll likely buy you a beer in return. Who could resist?

So, it's that simple. Visit, follow the link to Netflix from there, and purchase away! If you've already given the gift of Netflix via Bloody Good Horror, or you just want to pimp our holiday greetings, copy the code below and paste it into your Myspace profile/blog/whatever! Happy Holidays friends, and here's to another year of blood, guts, and good times.


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