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Welcome aboard to a whole new thing I'm starting here at BGH. With grateful assistance from a cast of thousands (or like, a dozen, but whatever,) we're reaching out to heavy metal bands, and allowing them their chance to talk about their favorite horror films, now and forever. We know we love horror. And we know you love horror. But it's time to let the metalheads have their say about the horror they love. They did it just for us, which means you'll only see it HERE, at Bloody Good Horror. My appreciation goes out to the donor of today's list, and every list after.

To kick everything off, fresh from their punchy and powerful album "War is the Answer," Jeremy Spencer, the tremendously talented and never off-beat drummer from Five Finger Death Punch, sat down and took the time to talk about his ten favorite horror films of all time. Ladies and gentleman, Jeremy Spencer:

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (Original)

This was pretty much the first movie I saw with a whole family of psychos. Great disturbing character acting and a heavy story line...Loved when the family would laugh and make a big production out of torturing and killing the victims.

"The Shining"

Seeing Danny drive around the corner on his big wheel and run into those two little girls was terrifying when I was 7.

"The Exorcist"

I was six years old and woke up out of my bed went into the other room where my parents were watching this. It was right about the time we first saw Reagan turned possessed and I was totally enthralled with it and had to stay up and watch it...Have no idea why my parents let me watch this, but that pretty much set the tone for my fascination with horror films.

"Halloween" (Original)

I loved the way Michael Myers was so calm, cool and collected. He always walked, not ran after his victims. He seemed more realistic than other killers and was creepy as hell.

"House of 1000 Corpses"

I thought this had every thing to offer as far as what I'm looking for in a horror film. Demented, great character acting featuring my favorite horror actor Bill Mosley...Great movie.

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2"

Once again Bill Mosely as Chop Top was amazing! I
was pretty young and got into the theater somehow to see it and it was rated NC17....I thought I was getting away with murder.

"Dawn Of The Dead" (Remake)

What a great opening to a movie! Intense as hell and creepy! Great Zombie movie. Not really into a lot of them, but this was cool to me.

"Halloween" (2007)

Rob Zombie has proven to be a pretty talented director! I really liked his take on the franchise- he had a cool and interesting spin. Plus, Danielle Harris was in it-- she was also in our music video for "The Bleeding."

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (Remake)

Thought this is the best remake of any I'd ever seen. Great cast and the family was brilliant! R. Lee Ermey as the Sheriff was the best choice possible IMO. Knocked it out of the park!


This was another film I saw really young and it had an impact on me. Probably DePalma's second best film to me. But it creeped me out for weeks trying to sleep.

"Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter"

This of all of the Friday movies had the
best blend of scare and gore. It wasn't cheesy to the point of just being a teeny bop camp film, but had enough brutality and uneasiness to make it work.

Again my thanks to all involved, and there are more lists on the way! Keep it here.


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