Film Geek, by the numbers.

While talking with Eric, head geek here at BGH this weekend I came to realize I may be worse off than I thought as far as film nerdiness goes.

In the spirit of Schnaars and his box, here's some numbers to crunch.

From January 1st to May 19th, I have officially watched 113 movies to date this year.

Of these, 67 were horror movies; 46 Were not.

May has been the slowest month of the year with 11 movies watched.

Looking at averages, if I keep on pace for the year, that should wind up at roughly 250 movies for the year. I'm 34 years old, we'll say I started my addiction at roughly 4....that's a lot of freaking movies. In my time I was in line for "Star Wars IV: A New Hope" with my mummy at 3 years old, I was in the theater for "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" with my mummy at 10 years old. Hell, I even took a date (not my mummy) to "Little Shop of Horrors".

As you can see, I most likely have a problem! I watch a shit load of movies. Many of these are watched for 'professional' purposes (as professional as internet movie critic can be considered!) as well as for pure shits and giggles. Not much of a TV watcher, I find myself with a movie spinning in the background far more often than I would watching 'such and such sit-com of the week'. (Not being uppidty, there's some I watch, and I tend to be the 'knock out an entire season in one shot' time of viewer.)

While we tend to stray away from personal type posts in here, I thought it might be fun to share what makes a film geek tick. That goes for you readers as well! Think you have a problem more glaring than mine? Whip em out, let's get some numbers rolling up here in this piece!

As time rolls on, I plan on sharing some more insight on being a dedicated film nerd and what helped start it all. We've all got our tales, feel free to share yours as well!


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