Fewdio - Quality Horror Shorts

I am blown away by the quality of the work of Fewdio.com, a collective of Hollywood vets and genre fans putting out horror shorts on their own site and posted to YouTube. The production values, acting, and attention to atmospherics and sound are all top notch. For those of you going to San Diego Comic Con this weekend, you should drop by their booth where they are premiering their first DVD collection, "Nightmare House Vol. 1".

This nifty FireFox News interview accurately calls their work, "polished, above-industry fare". The Fewdio crew are pretty big Lovecraft fans, but the videos are a wide-ranging exploration of the horror genre. Most of the videos I watched were driven by solid storytelling or a pleasing sense of whimsy - and there's no shying away from gore.
With so much schlock around, it's wonderful to find gems like this.

I've embedded a few of the shorter films below, and there are more than enough to kill many scattered moments when you don't have time for a feature. I liked the 11 minute Marie, for instance.

Here's the film their logo comes from, "Bedfellows".

That mask goes all the way from silly back around to scary-as-shit.

"The Laundromat" plays with genre expectations and shows off the Fewdio crew's cheeky humor, which is hard to do well with horror.

My favorites so far are "Five Minutes Earlier" and "Dinner Date" (note: NSFW!), but instead of embedding tons of videos I'll let you explore them on your own.



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