Feedback on the New Site

As promised in the podcast last week, I wanted a place for people to post issues/ideas revolving around our brand new site. We've been doing all we can to nab every little thing that we can, but we really need YOUR help. I'll be checking this regularly to post updates on your concerns. Register (if you haven't already) and leave a comment on this here page. I'll be checking it regularly for the next week or so to compile a list of things that still need to be taken care of. Please be wary of the following before you comment:

Known Issues

  • That line-trailly thing on some of the reviews and pages. It's happened from day one, and I don't know what's up with it, so I'll fix it.
  • Internet Explorer 6. It's the bane of every Web Designer's existence, and unfortunately, many of you viewing from work are probably still using it. The quick solution is to go with Firefox for your browsing needs, but I understand its out of a lot of people's hands. Please report on issues with IE6 as you see them, but understand it's still (as was the case on the old site) a work in progress to get everything in 100% working order.

When you're reporting on an issue, make sure to include your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), browser, and browser version if you know it off hand. Thanks in advance for your assistance and I can't wait to get this puppy off the ground!


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