Enter the Bloody Good Horror Halloween Costume Contest

It’s Halloween time again kids and we here at Bloody Good Horror have decided to grab the holiday by the lips and yank.

In honor of the our favorite time of the year we’ve decided to put on a little contest. Hop on over to the Bloody Good Horror Facebook page and post up your Halloween Costumes. They don't have to be from 2010 as long as it's you in the picture. And be honest, we’ll know if it’s really you or not, we’ve got powers. Feel free to show some BGH love in your photo also. At the end of the month whoever has the most “likes” on their photo will receive a brand spanking new Bloody Good Horror T-shirt. So once you post your photo, don't forget to lobby your friends to go and vote for you!

The contest is on as of now and we’ll close the voting at November 15th at 5 pm EST so you'll have time to get this year's costumes in before the deadline.

So hop on over to our Facebook Page and get posting!


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