"Ender's Game: Battle Room" (XBLA)

I rarely post about stuff like this unless I can find an accompanying video or even an image, but I couldn't wait. In pawing through IGN's upcoming release calendar looking for games to check in on, something caught my eye that made me light up like a kid on Christmas. Sometime in the mysterious "TBA 2009," an XBLA title called "Ender's Game: Battle Room" based on my favorite sci-fi novel of all time, will find its way onto my XBOX360.

Despite being fellated by nerds (like me) and panned by many critics, the story of "Ender's Game" really hit me as a kid. My dad recommended the book to me, and I remember reading it and being unable to put it down, which was a remarkable feat at the time considering how much N64 I was playing. The tweest ending really shocked and surprised me, and is one of the few books I've ever read that did that for me.

Like many fans of the series, I've always wondered what it would look like in some sort of visual medium. As it turns out, there are both an "Ender's Game" movie and comic book series in the works in addition to this video game. From the sounds of it, the game will be more arcadey and singularly focused on the Battle Room (duh). In the book, this zero-gravity room is where Ender and the other soldiers participate in battle challenges. The room is home to some of the most violent scenes in the book, so I'll be especially interested to see how that translates into the game. For all I know, this could end up to be total garbage, but that won't stop me from hoping!


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