Eli Roth's Aftershock Redband Trailer

Mr. Roth has been in the news a lot here lately with the launch of his recent "Hemlock Grove" Netflix series. Today, the internet is alight with talk of a new Eli Roth "movie","Aftershock" due out May 10th.

Now, you may wonder why I put movie in quotes; though it's labelled an Eli Roth movie, it's not actually directed by him. He's producing and he's also acting, but the movie itself is directed by Nicolas Lopez. Though Mr. Lopez has directed a number of movies, they've all been in his native Chile, so Roth's name makes his first state side effort that much more marketable.

That said, the movie does look to be very Roth in style. As seen in this red band trailer, there promises to be quite a bit of gore and carnage going on, which could make for a fun flick. Putting these elements into a natural disaster flick could be fun and the movie seems to concentrate more on the aftermath than the actual events, so we can hope that it keeps the flick above the typical natural disaster flare.

"Aftershock" has been hitting the festival circuit already, but it's getting released to home video on May 10th.


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