Ebay is wonderous

Many people have extolled the virtues of Ebay since it's inception in the 90's. The best thing about it, from the viewpoint of a 20 something, is that it finally allows me to fulfill all of my childhood dreams of owning totally useless things.

As an adult, I have found that I have a complete lack of control when it comes to using Ebay to find things that I wanted when I was a kid. And now that someone had the bad vision to give me a PAYING job, I've been able to do my best to hunt this stuff down.

I've recently had a renewed interest in the old Lucas Arts graphic adventure games from the 90's, specifically the game "Full Throttle". It has inspired me to try and track down copies of the other titles from that era and give them a shot. In a few days I should have my copy from Ebay, expect more ramblings when I finally get to play the game again.

Eric N

Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief / Podcast Host

Eric is the mad scientist behind the BGH podcast. He enjoys retro games, tiny dogs, eating fiber and anything whimsical.