DVD Releases For 4/15/08

Jumping beyond the confines of the podcast, I give you this handy list of horror DVD releases week by week! Included are any notable releases, some you may never heard of, and maybe a few that we're still not sure how they got released! So, strap in, stay tuned, enjoy!

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The second installment of the Aliens Vs. Predator franchise hits the streets. We thought it was mediocre and definitely better than the first run. This one's worth a rental at least but I'd avoid the purchase just to be safe. For bargain hunters there is a handy 2 Pack for those gluttons for punishment that enjoyed AVP 1. Luckily, it also comes separate for those of us that know better.


Inside is quite possibly the best horror flick you're going to see this year. Buy it. You'll like it. At the very least, make sure you see this one or you'll be pretty pissed at yourself once you finally catch up to it.


Loch Ness Terror. It's the classic Nessie story...in Lake Superior. Yah, I don’t get it either. Regardless, this one falls into the 'SciFi Channel Giant Monster Eats Shit' sub genre and I know there's a following for them out there. Louis Fowler, I expect a review on this one soon!


The Minus Man starring Owen Wilson and Janeane Garofalo. This one is a re-release. Owen Wilson as a serial killer is not something you see every day. The thought filled me with hope but the slow pace frankly non-creepy Wilson left me wanting. Janeane's still a cutie though! Avoid this one unless you’re brave…Or hopped up on caffeine.


Retribution Act now and you can be the first on the block to say you've seen the Asian original when it is inevitably remade by American studios! All snarky-ness aside, an Asian ghost story wrapped around a twisty murder mystery sounds pretty intriguing.


The Curse of Lizzie Borden II: Prom Night It seems only fitting with our recent lambasting of the big budget 'Prom Night', this may officially qualify as the most absurd Prom Night Tagging on the video store shelf yet. Regardless, the Ghost of LizzieB murdering college kids already sounds more entertaining that the official 'remake'.


Kinky Killers You know, I can really claim that I know what this movie is about. When a movie combines occult, biblical prophecy, sex, gore, mystery, psychiatrists, attorneys, homicide detectives, rock stars and hookers...well, call me interested. Throw in the leather clad chick on the cover that looks like Avril Lavigne in thirty years time, well by god I'll be right back I got to go start the popcorn.


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