DVD Releases for 10/14/2008

This week's DVD shelf is filled with direct to video goodness and box sets galore. Well, two box sets anyways. Regardless, there's a whole plethora of horror and exploitation just waiting to be inserted firmly into your DVD player!

[inline:brotherhood of blood.jpg]

Sid Haig and Ken Foree star in Brotherhood of Blood, a story about vampire hunters infiltrating a vampires nest to rescue one of their own! Vampires are over done but Haig and Foree on screen together is always a welcome sight!

[inline:dance of the dead.jpg]

Starring nobody you've ever heard of before, the dead come to life on prom night causing mayhem and carnage! The only people left to fight them off? The nerds who didn't have dates the prom! NERDS! Dance of the Dead had a lot of early buzz on the internet, here's hoping it lives up to the hype.

[inline:drive-in cult classics 3.jpg]

Dive-In Cult Classics 3 is another of the pack as many horror flicks onto a disk as you can type box set and well...I have a weakness for those sets. Contained with in this one: "The Babysitter", "Weekend with the Babysitter", "The Pink Angels", "Blood Mania", "Single Room Furnished", and "The Pom Pom Girls".

[inline:halloween 30th anniversary box set.jpg]

Welp. It's October. That means it's Halloween. That means it's time for yet another "Halloween" re-release! I don't even know for sure what features they've managed to drag out of moth balls to make this more appealing, but they have thrown in a nifty Mike Myers head. What you're supposed to do with it, I have no idea! But face it folks; you either loved it or you hated it. Chances are, you already have it.

[inline:hammer films.jpg]

Icons of Horror: Hammer Films falls into the box set category as well, but this one's quality instead! Everybody needs a little bit of Hammer in their lives and if you don't, this is a good opportunity to get some good stuff together in one set. See "The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb"! Cringe in terror at "The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll"! Swoon at the sight of "The Gorgon!"

[inline:last house in the woods.jpg]

Low budget Italian Horror comes to your boob tube by means of The Last House in the Woods courtesy of Lionsgate and Ghost House Pictures! You standard young couple in the countryside runs into backwoods weirdo's tale, "Last House" at least promises buckets of blood!

[inline:rocky horror tribute show.jpg]

For you Rocky Horror fans, The Rocky Horror Tribute Show is the filmed reunion show that brought Rocky Horror back to its birthplace, the Royal Court Theater. Writer Richard O'Brien brings together cast members of the show from the original stage play as well as many other variants of the cast in this anniversary special.

[inline:sweet sixteen.jpg]

A young beautiful girl named Melissa moves to town, lonely and desperate to make friends. The only problem is every boy she dates winds up dead. Soon, the young girl is the prime suspect in Sweet Sixteen! As a father of a girl, I'd say she shouldn't be dating until she's 20 anyways! See? If they start dating before 20, people wind up dead!

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