D.J. Caruso to direct "Dead Space"

Variety reports today that "Distrubia" director D.J. Caruso has been handed the helm to the big screen adaptation of "Dead Space". Still in the early stages, the director and studio are just now shopping around various screenwriters, so as of yet there isn't even a screenplay to be read.

The game, a big hit from Electronic Arts, takes place in the 26th Century. Confined to the steel walls of a deep space planet cracker mining ship, a salvage crew answers the call of the ship's distress signal to find out that they may be too late. Having recently finished it myself, while the story is fairly linear, it's still full of some good scares, good gore, and a pretty good story.

While I wasn't a fan of "Eagle Eye", I enjoyed "Disturbia" well enough. Plot wise Caruso should fit well in the story telling department but whether or not he can handle some high budget monster horror with an outlandish budget and boatloads of CGI, we'll have to wait and see.


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