"Dexter" Season 3 DVD Set

For you DVD Collectors and "Dexter" fans out there, season 3 is now out on DVD and ready to grace your book shelf.

Just like the previous two sets, "Dexter Season 3" clocks in with pretty much the same package. You get all 12 episodes, a few cast interviews and a few extra episodes of other Showtime series such as "The United States of Tara" and the "Tudors".

With the Showtime "Dexter" sets, the problem is never the content nor is it the quality; both are top notch. It just seems a bit disappointing that in this day in age, we don't get any more special features than a couple of cast interviews. Granted, these sets usually come out to be fairly affordable, generally more so than the $48 MSRP on the sets, but it just doesn't feel like much of an effort. With throwing in episodes of other Showtime series, it just feels like a desperate attempt to fill up space.

But, here's the thing. That stuff normally really only matters to the hard core collectors. What's important here is the 12 episodes of season 3 with an excellent guest starring spot from Jimmy Smits. With that in mind, this DVD set is worth the money. It has been nice that each season of "Dexter" so far has had a slightly different feel to it as the character grows. It generally takes an episode or two for the season to shake out its new growing pains, but so far it has always hit its stride and started to shine. Season 3 is no exception.

Fans of the show should pick up this set. There's no reason not to, it's the same as the previous two seaons. Collectors and fans of extra features may find themselves a bit disappointed but to them, I say watch the show. It's what you're here for anyways.


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