Del Toro Made Official Hobbit

It seems fitting, cause he kinda looks like one!

New Line Cinema makes the official announcement that Guillermo DelToro will be the director for "The Hobbit" and it's sequel.

I can only see this as a good thing as DelToro's got a distinct vision quality to his flicks. We've seen his darker fantasy takes in "Pan's Labyrinth" and his spooky story telling abilities in "Devil's Backbone". I would have to think that he should add a distinct flair to the Tolkien prequels and with Peter Jackson backing him as executive producer, we should be in good hands.

No word on casting and such not yet, so it's too early to fret over that angel yet. Really, for die hard Lord of the Rings fans, the only thing I see worry worthy from this news posting is "The hobbit and it's sequel". Let's hope it's a matter of splitting the book into two parts.


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