"Death Bed - The Bed That Eats"

As a self appointed connoisseur of cinema crap, I feel it is my duty to share with you, dear people of the internet, the delectable gems I find via word of mouth or digging through 50 cent sale bins. Today, I share with you "DEATH BED: THE BED THAT EATS".

Really, that title alone screams 'gem'. It's a brilliant combination of 70s sleaze, trippy artistic shots, dream like atmosphere and supported by a non existent budget. This bed laughs, snores, chews loudly and even drinks pepto bismol. But even though it consumes people, it still cleans up after itself and pulls its own covers up! How considerate! It's even narrated by a ghost trapped in a picture! I'm really not sure how you can be sitting here, continuing to read this. You should have been overwhelmed by the urge to track this masterpiece down!

The synopsis is interesting, however. A demon falls in love with a woman, and takes a human form in order to make love to her. And of course, as trysts with demons usually go, she dies during the act. The demon, ever so distraught, cries upon the bed, and his demon tears possess the bed. And just like any standard, run of the mill, demon created bed, it's angry, sadistic and hungry.

I tried to post a trailer, but even Youtube wanted nothing to do with this. Look, it's called Death Bed - you know what you're getting by the title alone, & it was totally worth the $2.36 I paid on Amazon for it.

That Ghoul Eva