Dahmer vs. Gacy

Who would win in a fight between Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy? It’s a question that’s been argued at every water cooler in America time and time again. Sure Gacy has the size advantage but never underestimate Dahmer’s army of brain dead zombies. Well the film “Dahmer vs. Gacy” releasing in early 2010 will settle this debate once and for all. Ford Austin will both direct and star as Jeffrey Dahmer in the film which revolves around a group of scientists who set out to combine the DNA of both Dahmer and Gacy. Why anyone would want to do this I have no idea but rest assured hilarity ensues.

There’s little information about the film out there right now so I've included the trailer to Austin’s other film to be released shortly, “Rat Scratch Fever”. This time Austin stars as a scientist who travels with his team into space and accidentally brings back a group of giant rats. According to an interview in Fangoria, director and writer Jeff Leroy says the film is a direct homage to “Food Of The Gods”. To me that sounded like a nice way of saying we didn’t have money for any more CGI so we let the rats crawl around on a bunch of miniatures. Either way it looks like fun!

I’m calling it folks, Ford Austin is the new Hollywood it boy. Look for him on next month’s issue of Tiger Beat.


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