Crowned By Fire out with a New Horror-Themed Video

- Crowned by Fire, who practically is one of the house bands here at this point, recorded and released a pretty solid video for "Witch in the Window," which has always reminded me a little of the riff from "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath." The horror-themed, sepia-toned video chases model Malice McMunn around, so there's some nice... ahem, scenery... as well. Scope it out below, and make sure to scope the band out, too.

- In an interesting idea, the "Asylum Worldwide" video on demand concert is up and running TODAY, available for seventy-two hours exclusively on Asylum Worldwide's website. For $1.99, you can check out the whole show on demand, which will feature a small army of up and coming bands, including Ruthless, Seventh Calling and Scarred. The show is a product of VM Entertainment, which according to rumors, plans to produce a number of these concerts. Ultimately, I like this idea for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Monster Magnet never seems to tour the US anymore, and if I can't see them in person, seeing them vicariously on demand is at least something. Remember, this went live TODAY!


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