Crazy Ralph, is Crazy

You wanna know a sure-fire way to kill a zombie? Stop watching the films.

A tad extreme? Possibly. What can I say, I have simply lost the motivation and interest. For the time being anyhow. I could spend lots of time wondering what is wrong with me; why I am unable to maintain my hard-on for the undead. I suppose I could take a pill and just do the deed; see the zombie-fest through to the end. Maybe it's a commitment thing, although I am married with 1.75 kids and plenty of responsibilities (and likely an ulcer of some sort). Maybe, but who fucking cares. The important thing is I have found myself a new love...

"Friday the 13th".

What's a guy to do. There are certain things that people simply cannot resist. These things are different for different people, but there are also certain things that (most people of a certain ilk) salivate over. Several images come to mind, but we'll leave that alone for now. "Friday the 13th" is one of those things for me. I love Jason, and I miss the crazy little boy with the fucked-up head.

So tonight we watched part I and it took me back. I don;t know when the last time I watched the film was, but it's been awhile. This was the first time I have watched the movie since getting back into the scene or whatever. This is also the first time I have seen the movie since stumbling upon discussions about the idea that Jason is living with and watching dear old Mom throughout the film. It's an idea that certainly makes sense and definitely added a bit of a creep factor to the movie that I thought was so familiar. Fucking sweet!

My wife had seen the movie before and ended up falling asleep anyway. My sister-in-law had not seen the film before and I think she liked it. She had a couple of moments and seemed properly affected by the lake scene at the end. Sounds more clinical than it was. Me, I love the movie and will be watching it again once the new release arrives! One complaint I have is with the transfer of the film but this is old news. Besides, as we all know per Eric's review, this problem has been corrected in the upcoming release on February 3rd.

So, I am sufficiently excited about all of the "friday the 13th" in my future and I hope many of you are as well. Should be a gruesome Winter!!

And to show a little love...



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Am I really 41?! I get that a lot, and yeah, I really, really am. Looks like I am the odd (old) man out here , but I am used to that. Actually, I relish in it.