Commence: The BGH BookClub

Commence: The BGH BookClub

Between waiting for the warmer weather and withering away in your snow and or ice encased home - what else do you have to do besides join in the literary amusement of BGH's bookclub? 
There's been some talk about a book club over on our subreddit page - so we're gonna try this out. The write up for the month's book and reading schedule will be posted both here and the subreddit, though the weekly discussions will be held completely through the subreddit. Any additional material such as author interviews or book reviews will be posted here per usual. 

BGH BookClub Outline:

                Meeting every Sunday on BGH’s subreddit.

Reading schedule: The selected book for the month will be divided into 4 or 5 sections, depending on the weeks of the particular month. The schedule will be posted on both and the BGH subreddit. The discussion for each section will handled on the BGH subreddit on the Sunday of the following week, beginning at 12noon/eastern. 

Book Conclusion: Review of book will be posted to BGH and occasionally authors will be available to answer previously submitted questions in an interview posted to BGH as well.

Upcoming Schedule of selected books to read:

                Each upcoming book will be announced for the following month on the 1st Sunday of the previous month. Voting and suggestions for future books will be discussed on the BGH subreddit or submitted via twitter or email.

Any questions or suggestions:

               Twitter: @cc_riots or email



APRIL: Bird Box – Josh Malerman

                305 pages

Reading Schedule:

1)      Week of 4/5:              Pages 1-70

                        Discussion of Section 1:                 4/12, subreddit discussion begins at12pm/EST

2)      Week of 4/12:           Pages 71-141

                        Discussion of Section 2:                 4/19, subreddit discussion begins at12pm/EST

3)      Week of 4/19:           Pages 142-212

                        Discussion of Section 3:                 4/26, subreddit discussion begins at12pm/EST

4)      Week of 4/26:           Pages 213-305

                        Discussion of Section 4:                 5/3, subreddit discussion begins at 12pm/EST

5)      May 3rd:                   subreddit recap of book, book review posted on BGH 


For April and Bird Box, author Josh Malerman has made himself available for an interview and questions regarding his book. Questions should be submitted to the BGH BookClub subreddit by 5/3/15 and the interview will be posted on by 5/10/15.



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