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Over the last couple of weeks we've had some new blurbs about the movie announcements of the big screen debut of Hack Slash. Seeing as I've always been a comics guy, it felt imperative to investigate. After reading the first run of Hack Slash, you can officially start to get excited for the upcoming movie.

Hack Slash tells the story of Cassie Hack, young outcast hellbent on taking out slashers, and her faithful companion Vlad. Picked on, cast out, and otherwise exiled as a school kid, Cassie's mom who was the cook at her elementary school decided enough was enough and set out to put an end to her daughters ridicule. So, she started killing off the kids. Committing suicide once the police caught up to her, Cassie's mother soon returned as undead, or rather a special kind of undead; A Slasher.

In the H/S universe, Slashers are the rage and revenge filled souls of killers come back to life upon their death. You can ikill them, it just takes more work. The Hack Slash series runs the gambit of Cassie and Vlad's adventures traveling the country taking out slashers.

The artwork is well done although they switched artists in the series of one shots. Some are more effective than others but none manage to detract from the meat of the story. Writing wise, the series is pretty solid and make for a fun romp throughout. The idea of a feature length film makes me some what leery; an hour and a half of chasing around one monster is a lot to stretch. A shorter format may work better for the material; as a matter of fact the entire book remind me a lot of the CW's 'Reaper' adding to the idea that a shorter format could work very well.

Regardless, the stories are solid enough that I'm set to give them a fair shake. For comic fans, the one shots make for a good quick read each contained within themselves. Do note that there's a second series that followed the first group of books (Technically, the first series was not in fact a series, just one shots). I haven't gotten to these yet, so it all could change!

It's a nice twist on the slasher genre and the cross over potential is endless. Hell, the finale of the one shot series is called 'Hack Slash vs. Chuckie'. That I'd pay to go see!


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