Cinemorgue Catalogue's Onscreen Deaths

"From time to time, I've noticed a couple of questions that come up in movie trivia discussions: 'Has so-and-so ever gotten killed in any movies?' and 'What's that movie where what'sisname kills such-and-such?'"

Now, I'm not sure that I have ever encountered trivia questions that addressed cinema deaths with such vigor, but there is now a website (Cinemorgue) that catalogs the deaths of actors and actresses for all of your death seeking needs. Search for your favorite actor or actress by their last name and see how many deaths they have to their name.

For example, I don't think anyone can beat Charlton Heston's impressive 14 deaths. Each death is then listed by film and described in fairly generous detail. Also, it is mentioned if the death includes nudity, for all you sickos out there who like your deaths raw.

While I would have found a site that lists how many deaths are in each film to be more useful, I still spent about an hour searching for my favorite actors and actresses most impressive way of playing dead.