Chuck 2.01 "Chuck Versus the First Date"

Chuck Versus The First Date

It's season premiere time again, this week bringing the brand spanking new season of NBC's "Chuck" starring Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, and Adam Baldwin!

For those of you new to the series, "Chuck" is an action-comedy surrounding the CIA and the NSA. Chuck is a lowly employee of the local electronics superstore's (Think Best Buy) Nerd Herd. Having been expelled from school, Chuck's life is a day to day existence consisting of work and gaming with his nerdy friends while he lives at home with his sister. On his birthday he receives an email from his old college roommate who had gotten him expelled; little did Chuck know, his ex-roommate was a CIA agent who had sent him data encoded pictures from the 'Intersect', a government owned super computer. Now Chuck is the 'Intersect', his head containing all of the nations secrets! CIA Agent Sarah and NSA Agent Casey are assigned to protect him as various foreign spies do their best to either kill him or kidnap him for their own nefarious purposes.

That's it in a nutshell....

Season 2 kicked off this week with special guest star Michael Clark Duncan holding Chuck over the edge of a building by his ankles, trying to get his hands on the 'Cipher', the device that is going to form the brains of the new intersect. Having successfully kept Duncan from obtaining the Cipher, plans move ahead on the new super computer and Chuck is promised that he can return to life as normal. Reeling in his new found freedom, Chuck gathers the nerves to ask out the lovely Sarah on a date since they no longer were in a working relationship. In the meantime, Agent Casey is ordered to eliminate Chuck in order to keep him from falling in the wrong hands. Too bad Agent Casey has grown attached to Chuck and doesn't want to carry out his orders!

As far as season premiers go, "Chuck" started out with a bang and packed with laughs. It was nice to see Chuck finally grow a pair with Sarah and ask her out and it was fun to watch Agent Casey figure out how to avoid his orders on eliminating the man he now has grown to like. Michael Clark Duncan was a great addition as well, even if it is only as a guest star.

Duncan showed up as an operative ordered to steal the Cipher, the brains to the new super computer. Not much was given as to who he worked for or why the wanted it. They danced around many times on trying to figure out how to get the information but there were always zany situations popping up to give them this info. This is a possible hint that the writers plan on expanding the over all story arc with a new nemesis organization for the CIA and NSA to fight against, a la KAOS from the king of spy comedy "Get Smart". The show was always entertaining and funny throughout the first season, this could be a great way to ad meat to the plot and give them something more to work with in the second season. I'll definitely be looking forward to more.

Levi and company put in great work for this premiere, as could be expected. Adam Baldwin always plays well in the side character spot and handles the tough as nails Agent quiet well. Yvonne Strahovski came into this series as a relative unknown and has definitely left her mark. She's there primarily for the awkward love story side plot to help keep Chuck confused, but it works well and ads some definite humor. Plus, she's a babe. Dare I say...Mega Babe!

Check back every week for more "Chuck" love as I plan on keeping up with it through out the season! It's not a horror show, but it's niche enough to warrant coverage I'd say. By god it's not a freaking CSI/Lawyer/Hospital drama so why not! Oh and lest I forget, "Chuck" stars your favorite Candyman and mine, Tony Todd. That's gotta warrant inclusion here at Bloody Good Horror if nothing else!

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