Cattle Decapitation Put Out the Greatest Pre-Order Set Of All Time

It's perfectly acceptable to be afraid of the band Cattle Decapitation. For starters, their name is Cattle Decapitation. That's probably all you need. But sweet sassy molassy if they haven't come up with one of the coolest pre-order packages for their new album "Monolith Of Inhumanity" I've ever seen. Due out May 8th, 2012, the band has teamed up for artist Tom Bunk, the guy behind some of the best Garbage Pail Kids cards, to create a Cattle Pail Kids set. for just 80 bucks you get 4 t-shirts, a custom set of cards, a tiny little trash can, a signed poster and oh yeah the album. If you're not man enough for the music you can at least enjoy the kick ass designs. I just hope you can look yourself in the mirror.

Pre-order the album here.


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