the collection

By almost all measures, The Collection isn’t a movie that should exist. A sequel to the lightly regarded The Collector, a film cobbled together of an unused Saw script. The original hit at the tail end of horror’s extreme torture phase, and it came and went without much fanfare. Yet director Marcus Dunstan and his co-writer Patrick Melton returned for a second go-round. What’s more surprising than the fact the The Collection, now out on DVD/Blu-Ray/VOD exists at all is that it’s a pretty damn entertaining film.

Why does she have two bras on? I don't get it.

Having now helmed his second feature film -- the previous being "The Collector" -- the time has come to weigh in on one Marcus Dunstan, Director. The verdict is not looking good. Consider if you will, "The Collection."

Marcus Dunstan, writer of "Saw" 4, 5 and 6, returns with "The Collection", the sequel to his film "The Collector" from 2009. Check it out November 30th. (click poster to enhance)