sophisticult cinema

Alfonso Cuaron makes "Apollo 13" look like a stroll in the park...

Celebrate the silver anniversary of Sophisticult.

Don't even ask if anyone will forgive...

Upstream Color

"Upstream Color" is a heckuva mindbender. John and Jon attempt to unwind it.

room 237

Everything you ever thought about "The Shining" but were afraid to say...

Everyone better take a little time to cool off...

Over at the podcast, we've been working hard to make sure every one of our episodes is available for download, which is how we arrived at BGH Classic. By selling back episodes, we're able to keep the lights on around here, and we very much appreciate the support. Now we're trying something new. We're hoping to offer "packs" of classic episodes that allow you to get more BGH for less money!

Side Effects

Rooney, Channing, Soderbergh. Sophisticult Cinema!


The RZA drops a gloriously warped martial arts homage with "The Man With The Iron Fists."