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Interview: Sick Puppies

Just a handful of hours before they would ravage the stage, I was invited into the private confines of the tour bus for the Australian powerhouse Sick Puppies. What I encountered was not the metal powerhouse of inexhaustible energy that the band is on stage. Rather, I was presented with three young, appreciative and thoughtful musicians who are humble about their beginnings and proud of their product. We talked conversationally about music, about how they broke it big, and of course, about horror movies. So here are Shimon Moore, Emma Anzai and Mark Goodwin
First question first: “Tri-Polar” has really been a coming out party for you guys, multiple singles on the charts, did you see it going it that way when you recorded it, or did it just sort of happen?
Shim: I think we hoped that that would happen. I mean, anytime you make a record, you have your dreams and hopes, but there’s a difference between hopes and expectations. Expectations about your work is never healthy, because if any part of it doesn’t live up, then you’re going to be disappointed. But yeah, we definitely—

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