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Lockout: Guy Pearce

In 1981 horror icon John Carpenter co-wrote and directed the cult classic "Escape from New York" starring Kurt Russel as Snake Plissken; a disgraced elite special forces operative who is sent into Manhattan island prison to retrieve the President of the United States being held captive by the exiled convicts. 31 years later action producer extraordinaire Luc Besson gives us "Lockout", starring Guy Pearce as Marion Snow; a disgraced elite special forces operative who is sent to space prison MS One to retrieve the President's daughter (Maggie Grace) being held captive by the exiled convicts.

Find out why this summer horror film has the crew all in a tizzy.

"Don't be Afraid of the Dark", a remake of a 1973 made-for-tv movie by the same name, is ultimately a film about childhood innocence, fairy tales-turned real life evil, and how ignorant adults are of things that go bump in the night… in other words, it's a Guillermo Del Toro movie. Except it isn't, because this one was directed by first timer Troy Nixey, under the tutelage of Del Toro, serving as producer. It centers around Sally, a young girl played by Bailee Madison, who's sent away by her mother in Los Angeles to live with her father in a big, creepy house in Rhode Island.

In the above snapshot, young Sally Hirst (Bailee Madison) moves in with her father and his girlfriend only to discover that she is being pursued by monsters who want to claim her as one of their own. A remake of the 1973 made for TV movie of the same name, Guy Pearce stars as Alex Hirst, an author who becomes increasingly frustrated with his daughter's claims of seeing monsters, even when his girlfriend (Katie Holmes) begins seeing them as well. The film is set for a theatrical release August 26, 2011 and is rated R.