dvd release

Good news, horror fans! The 1989 Canadian cult film "Things" was just released on DVD this past week. With a budget of 35,000, the horror flick centers on a husband and wife, Doug and Susan Drake, who are unable to have children. Susan resorts to fertility treatments, resulting in a mutant hatching through her stomach and birthing more baby mutants (or, as our neighbors to the north refer to them, "Things"). This of course results in a whole bunch of hilarious dialogue, a crazy scene involving a chainsaw, a porn star reading the news and much more. Thanks, Canada!

I always find it interesting when horror movies tackle superstitions, urban legends, folklore and mythology. They either turn out to be well told, chilling stories, like "Candyman" or they fall into the "pretty cheesy but fun nonetheless" category like the "Urban Legend" movies. The late Andrew Hull's "Siren" takes a look at those mythological beauties who lured sailors to their death and destruction by singing enchanting music. The premise sounds pretty interesting: