Cry_Wolf (REVIEW)

**Editor's Note: Please welcome Jeff to the writing team in the comments!**

Trailers are a funny thing. Even a compelling trailer, like the one for recent release "Splice", runs the risk of revealing too much info to the audience and ruining the effect of a good plot twist. Of course, the incessant ‘highlight reel’ trailers that leave no third-act payoff to the imagination are no better. Rather than indulge in either vice, "Cry_Wolf" turns in a trailer that is a complete deception. Instead of the by-the-numbers high school slasher it's sold as, director Wadlow manages to turn out a flawed yet strangely appealing gem of a con-thriller with some classic noir elements. Despite appearances, "Cry_Wolf" is a closer cousin to Rian Johnson’s "Brick" than it is to last summer’s "Sorority Row" remake.

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