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Is the Akira 25th Anniversary Blu-ray worth the upgrade?

When I was a kid in the early ’90’s, late at night on the weekends, I’d spend hours running through every zone and position I could possibly get my parent’s massive satellite dish.  This was, more often than not, in the hopes of finding a channel that might show a glimpse of boobs or maybe if I was really lucky a late-night re-run of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  However the best thing that I ultimately stumbled upon was an incredible new style of animation from Japan called “anime,” and “Akira” along with some random episodes of a show called “Dirty Pair” were the first anime th

Shelf Space: An Interview with Artist Nathan Thomas Milliner

Horror artists. I'm not referring to drawing myself as Jason Voorhees-- that gets you suspended from middle school. What I am talking about is the people who merge their talent and love for horror to give the genre visible viability and piety with pieces of art that could even make Rubin stop and look. With all the classic horror films getting Blu-ray releases and the phenomenon of commissioned art such as MONDO posters, we are experiencing a renaissance of sorts amongst up and coming horror artists.

Original Ending for "Little Shop of Horrors" Revealed!

The movie adaptation of the off Broadway hit musical has made it's way up the cult classic ladder over the years, but even die hard fans are in for a treat with the recent release of the Blu-ray director's cut which features the original ending to the film. The movie, which around a nerdy florist whose life begins looking up with the help of a man eating plant from outer space, originally had a much bleaker ending than what appeared in the theatrical release. The original ending was scrapped completely after test audiences complained about the negative ending.

Blu Ray Alert: "Halloween 4" and "Halloween 5"

The Halloween series has always been a favorite of mine. Honestly, I liked everything up until the Paul Rudd one ("Halloween 6"), which is kind of sad because I love me some Paul Rudd. And yes, for those of you that are asking, I even love "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch". But back on point, on August 21, Anchor Bay will be revamping two of my favorite movies from the series, "Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers" and "Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers".

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