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Inciting Mayhem with Whitechapel - An Interview From the Road

Storming out of the country-dominated southern United States, Whitechapel has been on a mission to carve themselves a niche and a name in the greater heavy metal universe. Signed to Metal Blade Records and ready to take on all comers, the band is included with the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, supporting their new self-titled album. Guitarist Ben Savage took the time to answer some of our questions backstage after the band’s set.
M. DREW: Generally, when you’ve got a musician who releases a self-titled album in the middle of their career, either you’re trying something new or going back to basics. Which one was it for you?
BEN SAVAGE: I’d say just trying something new. We did it because no other title would fit the vibe of the record. It was more of a coming together. Through the years you know the band members…stuff happens, you drift apart. This was more of a coming together. We couldn’t think of another name to title it.

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