By The Numbers - Horror Hound Weekend

This weekend was a lot of things, and most have them have been said in Eric and Casey's blogs, so I decided to do a comprehensive breakdown of just what Horror Hound meant to me from a numerical standpoint. Keep in mind, these are approximations with an over/under of 6 or so beers.

Friday, March 28th

5 - The hour at which I awoke to turn over the new site.
0 - The number of delays I had on the way to Indy (this becomes important later).
1 - The number of times I nearly shit my pants when Casey, clad in a pink shirt, snuck up on me in the airport.
6 - My approximate arrival time at the convention.
7 - My approximate beer-drinking kickoff
4 - The price I paid for a 45 single of Nightmare on My Street in the most exciting/useless purchase I made all weekend.
1 - The number of bites Eric took of the worlds most rubbery chicken at the hotel's restaurant.
2 - The number of people staying in our room that were not paid for.
12+ - The number of people partying in our room on Friday night that were not paid for.
4 - The number of large pizzas consumed between those in the room at the bewitching hour.
12 - The hour at which I passed out dead from pizza/beer.
0 - The number of balls that were steeped on my head during that period, thank god.
3 - The AM hour in which the rest of the team returned from beers with the Drunken Zombie blokes.

Saturday, March 29th

8 - The hour that we awoke as a team.
7-8 - The range on the Richter scale at which Casey's snoring falls.
0 - The number of shirts being worn by the team during the Bloody Good Pool Party.
11 - The approximate hour that we descended upon the convention floor.
14 - The approximated age of our (and by our I mean the portion of the table that we co-opted from NOTLP) table-neighbor and new friend Sarah Swofford, according to preliminary estimates.
19-20 - The approximate age of said lady according to her graduation year on MySpace (creepy).
10 - On a scale of 1-10 how brave that young lady had to be to get this close to my beard, completely sober.
0 - The inch discrepancy between Danny Trejo's actual height and Eric's.
100 - The percent that this fact shocked me.
2 - The number of films we saw as a group that day.
1 - The number of those that I could seriously recommend.
135 - The approximate number of times that the woman sitting in front of us spoke "out of turn" during Inside
25-Life The length of the prison sentence I was expecting Eric to endure after he murdered said interrupter.
0 - The number of legitimate microphones used to record this week's podcast.
2 - The number of beers consumed per-person on tape.
10+ - The number of beers consumed per-person throughout the rest of the night.
8 - The number of White Castle burgers consumed by Eric at the party.
1 - The number of shots Schnaars and I had to down a piece to recover from him getting his assed served via hula hoop.
1:1 - The approximate ratio of the length of Erika's cleave-line to the height of my head.
2 - The number of times Eric dropped me on my head during completely hetero bro-wrestling sesh's.
0 - The number of colors that run on this woman's t-shirt.
1000 - The number of years its going to take me to erase the mental image of that woman's breasts on Freddy's camera.

Sunday, March 30th

2 - The number of eggs had with the worlds best hangover breakfast from the "blueberry house of blueberry waffle house"
5 - Number of references to "freedom toast" on the menu of said establishment.
1 - The number of tears-per-friend in our long romantic goodbye's for the weekend.
24 - The number of hours spent between today and yesterday in airports/airplanes.
4 - The number of airport benches/floors I slept on in that time.
40 - The number of minutes it has taken me to write this damn thing.

As you can see, it was a pretty statistically amazing weekend, and you haven't even seen the video of Schnaars yet! Updates to come. Much love to everyone I met this weekend, I have a feeling I'll be seeing you all very soon.


Just kidding, here it is...


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