Buy the "Death Proof" Car

No, not the cool one. Sorry for the tease. I'll let the Ebay auction do the explaining. You've got 2 days left to bid on movie history people. Because after all, with the economy swirling the toilet on a daily basis, is there a more sound decision than buying a 1997 Honda Civic from an actress off of Ebay?

I think not.

What is up for auction here is the 1997 Honda Civic that was used in the film Grindhouse/Death Proof directed by Quentin Tarantino. This is not the car that was destroyed in the crash scene but the one that was used for all of the driving scenes. After filming Back to Back productions gave the car to Elise & Electra Avellan who played the Crazy Babysitter Twins in the film.

They took it with them to Los Angeles where the car currently resides. I am hosting this auction for Electra Avellan who you will be purchasing the car directly from. The car does run very well. The front left window doesn't close all the way, also, the back left window is unattached because the back windows were not attached to the car during filming, they can be "pushed out" but its easy to fix them. The car has all of the prop bumper stickers of "Jungle Julia" and others still attached. Also included is the prop license plate that is on the back of the car in the photos. The plate on the front is the actual legal license plate. This car is very drivable but is being sold as a "Film Used Prop" and in "as is" condition.

Honda : Civic (what genius titled this auction?)

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