Buy an Electric Car, or Die in the Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombies have had a surge in popularity lately. Maybe people have come to realize that the idea of a world apocalypse isn't that far fetched. Maybe they're just sick of all this sparkly vampire crap. Whatever the reason, they usually make things much, much cooler - and that includes electric cars.

Apparently, your doomsday preparations should involve purchasing a Volt (Chevy's new Electric/Gas hybrid that can go 375 miles when fully fueled & charged) because the zombie hoard will be on your ass when your standard gasoline powered vehicle runs out of fuel.

Yes, I realize the electric car won't do you any good when there's no working outlets to plug the damn thing in - look, we could spend this entire article finding faults with that scenario, but this is Commercial Land and logic does not apply. Instead, just focus on how it's a pretty cool short film by Josh Soskin, and it won at the Mofilm Barcelona 2012 Video Contest.

You can view the other category winners, runner-ups, & their films here.

That Ghoul Eva


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