Brian Keene Relaunches Books for Troops

Brian Keene is one of the hardest working authors in the horror fiction genre. Today he makes himself even cooler by announcing the relaunch of "Books for Troops".

Books For Troops is a program that supplies books free of charge to the men and women serving in the United States military in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world. The program has been honored by many, including the 509th Logistics Fuels Flight Squadron based at Whiteman A.F.B. in Missouri. It went on hiatus while my wife and I had a baby. Now it is back.

This is a pretty kick ass service to provide to our troops overseas. What makes it even more kick ass? The entire program is ran by Mr. Keene himself and his overworked assistant. This is all while he continues to churn out comic scripts and novels. And raises a baby.

For further info on how you to can help the program, visit Brian Keen's blog, To be specific:


If you are an author or publisher that would like to donate books to the program, please send them to Books For Troops, c/o Brian Keene PO Box 281, Craley, PA 17312. We ask that books be in good condition. Please do not send books with missing or yellowed pages, stripped covers, photocopies, etc. Any subject is acceptable, but we especially encourage genre fiction (horror, fantasy, science-fiction, western, historical, crime, mystery, thriller, romance, and men’s adventure). We will also accept donations of stamps to help out with shipping costs.

I spoke briefly with Keene over twitter to clarify; they will definitely be happy to take donations of books from us, the common folk. So if you have a stack of books you've already read taking up space, here's a chance to put them to good use.

That said, be sure to read Keene's books as well. The man's got some of the finest zombie novels on the market and spins a pretty damn fine monster yarn as well!


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