Brian Keene is coming to your small screen with "Ghoul"

I'm sure that any of our readers that are a fan of a good book from time to time are familiar with prolific author Brian Keene. He made his mark with some solid zombie novels and then branched out to monsters and more. Outside of a short film based on one of his stories called "The Ties that Bind", he hasn't had any of his properties turned into a full fledged movie as of yet. With his book "Ghoul" however that's all about to change!

If you follow Keene's blog, he's been talking quite about about the movie as it went through the filming stages. He spent some time on set and reported on the progress all the way through. The film, based on a group of kids who try to stop whatever is behind a rash of disappearances in their small town, hits Sundance this weekend and Keene reported in with some news and pictures from the film's premiere.

The biggest news of the event? "Ghoul" is coming to TV on April 13th at 9pm courtesy of Chiller TV. There's some minor teases of film versions of Keene's "Dark Hollow" and a possible "Dead Sea" movie as well, but no details on said projects. All and all though, I'd say it's some great news for both Brian Keene and Brian Keene fans as well!


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