Book Vs Television: The Strain S1:E8 Creatures of the Night

HALLEUJAH!!!!! I think we can all agree that The Strain found its groove in Episode 8, “Creatures of the Night.” Sparing us the initial and always short-lived opening stunner – Episode 8 smartly decided to just consistently provide the action throughout. WHAT A CONCEPT!
So the Group gets stranded at a medical supply warehouse in the industrial end of town where even cabbies know better than to stick around. After fighting with their moral code, even though there’s a parasitic apocalypse on the verge of consuming the entire city, they break into the warehouse in search of high-powered UV lamps to ward off the vampires. Once inside they are surprised by the badass teddy bear himself, Fet, who is hoarding ( looting) all the lamps. After a few comical and sarcastic quips, and Nora pretending to know how to use her feminine wiles, Fet agrees to hand over half of his stash of lamps.
Once they’ve procured a few vital supplies Eph has a grand idea to get some wireless pay as you go phones….Even though the internet and the phone lines are out. Regardless of how stupid this idea is it moves the entire group to the gas station across the street with a reluctant Fet bringing up the rear. Once inside, Fet and Abraham bond a little over their previous vampire slayings and Abraham explaining what is happening throughout the city. As they are gathering non-useful supplies, they realize that there is a massive group of vamps loitering outside the gas station doors. Dutch the hacker and her friend just so happen to also be in the random gas station as the rest of the group and admits that she’s behind the outage. Her friend being smart gets pissed and eventually poorly decides to chance playing Frogger with the parking lot vamps, luckily they do let her go.
As the vamps start to break through the gas station, the Group has a scuffle with them outside and Jim gets snagged. He promises as all do, that it is but a flesh wound, but Eph and Nora see a worm wiggling underneath his face. Thinking fast they operate and rip out the worm. Abraham finally makes the connection that the vampires are there strictly to kill them for wounding Eichorst on the subway and realizes that they have no option but fight. As they are preparing to head out all guns blazing – Eph notices that Jim is fully infected. They argue for a few minutes trying to decide what to do and how to handle the hundreds of worms swimming in Jim’s spinal fluid – Fet decides to pop Jim in the head. No hesitation. I have to admit I was happy to see Jim go – he was a bit too whiny for me and he was only dragging them down. Eph cries and Nora freaks out but Abraham and Fet are even more solid. They move past it and break out of the gas station and into a truck with two new additions, Dutch and Fet.
And the best part – while driving off into the darkness they splat into a vampire and it explodes white gunk all over the windshield. How romantic!

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