Book & Trailer: "Play Dead"

In honor of Superbowl Sunday, your Connoisseur of Crap has once again braved the edges of the internet to bring you: FOOTBALL ZOMBIES!

First, the not-so-crappy: The book. The Jackrabbit's football team is about to win their first ever district championship, if they defeat their rivals, the Badgers. But high school football is Serious Business, and someone doesn't want that win to happen - so the only logical solution is to make sure the entire football team dies by driving their bus off a cliff. Unfortunately, the quarterback Cole survives and is hell-bent on revenge. A little voodoo priestess and black magic later, Cole has his team zombie form. But as we all know, voodoo always comes with a price, and if the Jackrabbits don't defeat their rivals, the entire team will lose their souls to hell.

Despite the rather cheesy concept, I don't know if I was disappointed or pleasantly surprised to find an enjoyable read. It's full of dark humor and is simply written, making it a good way to spend an afternoon. It ends being more of a thriller than horror novel, to the point I think even non football and nonzombie fans would enjoy it. You can find
a copy of Play Dead over on

Now, the Crappy: They're making a movie, complete with bus crash footage from Troma's Toxic Avenger Part 3!!! I can't wait to see this!

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