Book Review: Tamara Thorne's The Sorority

I feel need to preface this with the fact that I found Tamara Thorne’s book and took a chance because it mentioned witches and I've been on an AHS: Coven kick...Unfortunately, my senses were way off and that proved to be a terrible chance. I don’t really like cheerleaders or sororities unless they are followed by massacres and this book has none of those.
Basically, The Sorority is about three young girls become friends at cheer camp and while out exploring one day, they experience something otherworldly that will haunt them for years to come. Flash forward to a decade later and just so happen the three girls, who have not kept in touch since their childhood, end up at the same college – and pledging the same sorority. The sorority’s public image is one of the oldest and most revered however, the secret inner circle is tightly wound around blood, sacrifice and sexual magic. The girls that are selected to join the inner circle are decedents of the ancient Arthurian legendary witch Morganna.
The majority of the plot revolves around the sorority house and the tantalizing secrets of the inner circle that the new pledges know nothing about-but can only speculate.
This was not good-at all. I really try to finish books, just in the off chance that they are sleepers, but no. The language is extremely elementary and simply written. If not for the continuous erotic behavior and constant, often unsolicited sexuality of the characters it would have read like a low level young adult novel. The characters are shallow and stereotypical; even the main girl is a chipper blonde haired beauty. Something that could have been a short story is painfully drawn out over a trilogy, written around each of the three main girls. At best The Sorority could be described as a horror tinged smutty beach read.
I hate being too hard on books because I realized there’s obviously genres for everyone and some people enjoy the lighter type of reading; unlike me, who requires lots of blood and violence or terror. I think this is one of those books you suggest to your girl friends who want to dabble in horror without getting their hands dirty, or maybe to a teenage relative who you’re trying to get to enjoy anything besides Twilight.


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