Bloody Good Hot Tub Party (Pics from HH Weekend)

As promised folks, here are some select choices from my photo collection from over this past weekend. It's safe to say when all was said and done that this weekend was LEGENDARY. We saw some great films (well, one great, another decent) and partied with great friends.

Props have to go out to Night of the Living Podcast, the Drunken Zombie crew, Brad from Bloody Disgusting, Nate and Aaron from Horror Hound, The Obscure 80's guys, Jeremy, Ken, Ken's friend that looks like Daniel Stern whose name escapes me (sorry bro!), that dude who recognized me because I said "Shenanigans", the Green ranger, the "It's My Party" people, Ruggero Deodato for almost kissing me on the mouth, Danny Trejo for being the same height as me, White Castle, The Blueberry House of Pancakes House, "America" and her inept handler, and the maid who cleaned up Schnaars' piss from the bathroom floor. Apologies if I'm forgetting anyone.

So, here it goes!

Christmas morning for Freddy from NOTLP.

Mark passed out first. That means "tea bag time".

"Hellraiser" museum rocked my world.

Be careful that the sexy in this picture doesn't break your monitor.

Danny Trejo is the man.

Frigging awesome.

I finally broke down and bought this damn hat.

I didn't know about the kissy face until afterwards.

This was taken right before "the incident".

The director of Cannibal Holocaust is a PIMP.

... And I'm in his harem.

White Castles are my new Jesus.

I still don't know where those damn hula hoops came from.

I apologize to all women for this picture.

Freddy with the most epic "pants" ever.

Brotherly love.

And finally... DRUM ROLL PLEASE... "America"... the beautiful?

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